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Interview with Indian activist and author Arundhati Roy

She finishes her interview with these lines:

But here in India, there’s the smell of fascism in the air. Earlier, it was a kind of an anti-Muslim, religious fascism. Now we have a secular government, and it’s a kind of right-wing ruthlessness, where people openly say, you know, every country that has progressed and is developed, whether you look at Europe or America or China or Russia, they have a quote-unquote “past,” you know, they have a cruel past, and it’s time that India stepped up to the plate and realized that there are some people that are holding back this kind of progress and that we need to be ruthless and move in, as Israel did recently in Gaza, as Sri Lanka has recently done with its hundreds of thousands of Tamils in concentration camps. So why not India? You know? Why not just do away with the poor so that we can be a proper superpower, instead of a super-poor superpower?

What gives me hope is the fact that this way of thinking is being resisted in a myriad ways in India, you know, from the poorest person in a loincloth in the forest saying, “We’re going to fight,” right up to me, who’s at the other end, you know. And all of us are joined together by the determination that, even if we lose, we’re going to fight, you know? And we’re not going to just let this happen without doing everything we can to stop it. And that gives me a tremendous amount of hope.


Dr. Michael Hudson: The Bailout’s New Financial Oligarchy, a promising web site if all their interviews are this good. An eye opening interview with Dr. Michael Hudson (

Quoting from the radio station where I was able to find the online version of the interview,

“The Bailout’s New Financial Oligarchy” with economist and financial historian, Dr. Michael Hudson, discussing the largest financial theft in American history – the evolving giveaway to Wall Street crooks.  We talk about the class war leading to depopulation, de-industrialization, poverty, and sharply increasing default and debt.  The bailout offers no help to the economy.  The only way to resolve the crisis is to write down the debt, and this is not being done.  We discuss the IMF/World Bank, the end of foreign investment, Enron-style accounting, and the false cover story promulgated through media deception.  The bailout is a gangland operation to pay the pals of Paulson.

Listen for yourself: