Slavoj Zizek interviewed on Democracy Now!

You know, let me conclude with another thing that may interest you. People tell me, “What you are saying is impossible.” Did you notice how strange the word “impossible” functions today? When you talk about private pleasures and technology, everything is possible, you know, like we will live forever, everything will be downloaded, we can do whatever we want. We say impossible is happening everywhere in technology. But, the moment you go to social changes, ah, ah, ah, the idea is—we learned the lesson from the fall of socialism—practically everything that disturbs the market is impossible. So what they ruling ideology is telling us, maybe we will live forever, maybe we will become omnipotent, whatever you want, all these new—we will all travel to moon—that’s all possible. But a small social change of more healthcare is not possible. Maybe the time has come to change this and to less dream about these gnostic possibilities we will all turn into digital entities and more about quite modest social changes. – by Slavoj Zizek on 10-18-2010 interview.

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Don’t let AIDS gain more ground. Creative ad: human ball

Don’t let AIDS gain more ground. Everyone must have access to treatment.


Bill Haywood (1869-1928) – labor organizer

“We are conspiring to prevent the making of profits on labor power in any industry. We are conspiring against the dividend makers. We are conspiring against rent and interest. We want to establish a new society, where people can live without profit, without dividends, without rent and without interest if it is possible; and it is possible, if people will live normally, live like human beings should live. I would say that if that is a conspiracy, we are conspiring.” — by Bill Haywood


“There are three phases of a general strike. They are:

* general strike in an industry;
* general strike in a community;
* general national strike.

The conditions for any of the three have never existed. So how any one can take the position that a general strike would not be effective and not be a good thing for the working class is more than I can understand. We know that the capitalist uses the general strike to good advantage. Here is the position that we find the working class and the capitalists in. The capitalists have wealth; they have money. They invest the money in machinery, in the resources of the earth. They operate a factory, a mine, a railroad, a mill. They will keep that factory running just as long as there are profits coming in. When anything happens to disturb the profits, what do the capitalists do? They go on strike, don’t they? They withdraw their finances from that particular mill. They close it down because there are no profits to be made there. They don’t care what becomes of the working class. But the working class, on the other hand, has always been taught to take care of the capitalist’s interest in the property. You don’t look after your own interest, your labor power, realizing that without a certain amount of provision you can’t reproduce it. You are always looking after the interest of the capitalist, while a general strike would displace his interest and would put you in possession of it.

That is what I want to urge upon the working class; to become so organized on the economic field that they can take and hold the industries in which they are employed. Can you conceive of such a thing? Is it possible? What are the forces that prevent you from doing so? You have all the industries in your own hands at the present time. There is this justification for political action, and that is, to control the forces of the capitalists that they use against us; to be in a position to control the power of government so as to make the work of the army ineffective, so as to abolish totally the secret service and the force of detectives. That is the reason that you want the power of government. That is the reason that you should fully understand the power of the ballot.” — by Bill Haywood

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Stop Lights? We don’t need no stinkin’ stop lights!!

Traffic flows better without traffic lights. Sometimes the inherited truth is actually wrong. And if you want to make cuts, rather than cutting back on services people use and need, maybe ending certain ingrained big brother enforcement might work better (start with traffic lights, but why not the Drug War? War in Afghanistan?)


Mark Twain quote

“History doesn’t repeat itself,” Mark Twain said, “but it does rhyme.”