Firefox add-on ‘LastPass’ saves all your passwords… aaahhhh, fiinally.

For a long long time, in a land far far away, I’ve been writing and remembering, and, yes, forgetting, my numerous and more than numerous passwords. Over time, as I subscribe to more and more password embellished sites and services my password scribbles and clever remembering tricks have gotten messy, tedious and burdensome. I have 1Password for Safari but browse mostly in FireFox (love affair with the Web Developer tool bar and Firebug) where the version I have does not work. I was going to upgrade so that I can use it in FireFox but found this add-on, LastPass, seems like a no brainer. It’s free. And convenient. And secure. Works from any platform or browser application. Add it, use it, and stop the password headaches.