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Obama reaches out to US Chamber of Commerce

“A tiger doesn’t change it’s stripes and the U.S. Chamber is not going to start working for the President’s agenda,” and “are the largest lobbying group in the country, to put this in perspective, they are bigger than the next five combined, and number two, for the record, is Exxon-Mobil. They’re HUGE!” and “they are an extremely partisan organization that fights for Right Wing causes, and particularly fight for the causes that favor the very few wealthy corporations that fund their lobbying budget,” says Christy Setzer of U.S. Chamber Watch.

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Interesting links mentioned in Grit piece, alternative business groups to turn to, groups with better transparency and business policies to improve America. Distinguish themselves deliberately from US Chamber of Commerce:
Business Forward
American Sustainable Business Council
Business for Democracy

US Chamber of Commerce

Christy Setzer is spokeswoman for US Chamberwatch and is being interviewed by Laura Flanders of GRITtv.

Article produced by US Chamberwatch on the US Chamber of Commerce – How the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Top Corporate Funders Dictate the Agenda for the 112th Congress