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Man is awed by a full on Double Rainbow on YouTube (with Epic Music added)

Man (on acid?) is overwhelmed by the magic of a double rainbow. A YouTube remix with Epic Music added

and the original (without Epic Music)

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Meron Benvenisti quote regards hypocracy two state solution Israel Palestine

Since it is impossible to refrain from reacting to the Palestinian demand for self-determination in the occupied territories, the Israelis seek to limit it to a mere quarter of them, those who live in the West Bank. For them they have invented a unique concept of a “state”: Its “sovereignty” will be scattered, lacking any cohesive physical infrastructure, with no direct connection to the outside world, and limited to the height of its residential buildings and the depth of its graves.

The airspace and the water resources will remain under Israeli control. Helicopter patrols, the airwaves, the hands on the water pumps and the electrical switches, the registration of residents and the issue of identity cards, as well as passes to enter and leave, will all be controlled (directly or indirectly) by the Israelis. This ridiculous caricature of a Palestinian state, beheaded and with no feet, future, or any chance for development, is presented as fulfillment of the goal of symmetry and equality embodied in the old slogan, “two states for two peoples.” It is endorsed – even by supporters of Greater Israel – and the traditional peace camp rejoices in its triumph.

– by Meron Benvenisti in article for Haaretz Daily Newspaper

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Alan Moore, Kevin O’Neil – League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Alan Moore does a BBC interview on some of his more famous comics – this one is on ‘The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’.

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Lawrence Lessig – Fix Congress First

Lawrence Lessig has moved from activism on Creative Commons issues to activism on fixing Democracy. It boils down to trust. A system of governance without trust can not be an effective Democracy. A system that incorporates an addiction to lobbyists money and electoral campaigns to maintain power and, at the end, retire into the wealthy arms of the very system that lobbies government – is doomed to dysfunction and chaos. Lawrence Lessig argues that the all important action necessary to allow any other effective actions on any other topic, is to remove this addiction from the system. Doesn’t matter which side of the debate you are on – if you want a government that responds to issues and constituents, you need to get them off this drug. They won’t do it themselves, an intervention is required and we are it. We all need to fix this – that is his new focus. His website that takes on the challenge is Fix Congress First.

photo by this guy

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Steve Jobs Interview – 2010, All Things Digital

Long, gloves off (in a respectful way) interview with Steve Jobs. Covers a lot of ground and quite interesting.