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If God had intended for us to be naked…

“If God had intended for us to be naked, we’d have been born that way”. ~ Mark Twain Quote was referenced in the comments to article in KOMO News website about frequent flyer John E. Brennan stripping down to his birthday suit in protest of Portland Airport TSA harassing screening procedures.

AI is on it’s way and the Military will be using it first?

Robotics coming to warfare is a mostly obvious topic from following the increased use of unmanned drones in “Targeted Killings” and surveillance, along with the ability to defuse a bomb remotely through the use of robotics etc. etc. – the presence and dexterity of real life robotics in use in war and industry is evident. […]

Thank You Mask Man by Lenny Bruce

The film was completed in 1968. Its audio is derived from a recording of Bruce’s routine. The short was made by San Francisco-based company Imagination, Inc. and directed by Jeff Hale, a former member of the National Film Board of Canada. After years of saving a small town, its population is angered that The Lone […]

Obama reaches out to US Chamber of Commerce

“A tiger doesn’t change it’s stripes and the U.S. Chamber is not going to start working for the President’s agenda,” and “are the largest lobbying group in the country, to put this in perspective, they are bigger than the next five combined, and number two, for the record, is Exxon-Mobil. They’re HUGE!” and “they are […]

Tony Bruman from Al Jazeera, begs the question: USA censorship on a big scale?

Al Jazeera is available in Canada now, thanks to a grassroots effort to make it so. You don’t need to love the program, or even watch it, to feel that some form of wide scale, highly visible and excepted censorship is going on in the USA when a big legitimate news service is denied access […]