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Robert Fisk: The Terror of Power and the Power of Terror

National Radio Project [audio: http://digitalmeme.com/audio/MakingCon_101013_Ax.mp3]

Max Keiser interview w/ Ellen Brown: what is money?

Are the elite financiers behind BIG capital pushing austerity measures to protect the dollar value of the huge bailouts they received? We’re good, now you bear the brunt of the pain? On the larger scheme of things, does money as it is now make any sense? or has it been hijacked by a Las Vegas […]

Salman Khan on the Khan Academy

Old news for many, but a really great source for education via YouTube videos: Khan Academy Sal gives a presentation on the Khan Academy, how it started and what sets it apart and challenges the notion that free is somehow by definition less valuable than very expensive, and that live is always and necessarily better […]

Another Wakeup Call – Manfred Max-Neef

Chin up people – poverty is less corrupted by greed. One positive to look forward to. Social networks and creativity prosper in poor communities. Dogma and greed in rich communities? Manfred foresees a quickening approach to an ultimate barrier to things as usual. Apparently some people in his orbit of friends and colleagues even see […]

Union music

Zack de la Rocha and Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine came together again to lend their music and inspiration to the workers’ battle for a more just world. This happened on the seventh day of the Truth Tour 2007, at the House of Blues, Chicago, IL.