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Fungi kill insects on BBC video clip

Seen photos of the dead ant with a death spasm bight on a tree stem, the killer fungus growing out of it’s back. First time I see video on it. Dark and tragic (from a Fauna’s point of view), but interesting to see. The colonized moth is actually almost beautiful…

Nina Paley’s movie ‘Sita Sings the Blues’

Movie website: sitasingstheblues.com Also available here: Sita Sings the Blues Movie Her take on Copyright is interesting, check out her blog at: ninapaley.com

‘A Short Vision’ – animated film short by Peter Foldes

Ran across ‘A Short Vision’ here – a short animated film clip by Peter Foldes and his wife, made in 1956.

Peter Dale Scott: Deep Government and the Overworld

Lightning captured at > 5,000 images/sec

Listen to the interview, the second half, and check out the website (ZT Research) and on YouTube (ZT Research).