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Amend the Constitution – Corporations are not human in the same way as my neighbor Bob

Interesting movement –

Don’t let AIDS gain more ground. Creative ad: human ball

Don’t let AIDS gain more ground. Everyone must have access to treatment.

Robert Fisk: The Terror of Power and the Power of Terror

National Radio Project [audio: http://digitalmeme.com/audio/MakingCon_101013_Ax.mp3]

Max Keiser interview w/ Ellen Brown: what is money?

Are the elite financiers behind BIG capital pushing austerity measures to protect the dollar value of the huge bailouts they received? We’re good, now you bear the brunt of the pain? On the larger scheme of things, does money as it is now make any sense? or has it been hijacked by a Las Vegas […]

BBC series ‘The Power of Nightmares’ introduces reasons behind the cult of fear

The what why and how to of propaganda. The Power of Nightmares, this is first episode in a three part BBC series that explores the logic behind promoting nightmare scenarios as a means of uniting a nation behind an agenda, as a means of power and control, and as a tactic that tends to engulf […]