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Making animation using Google Docs… wow!

Part of the big G’s new advertising campaign and because of that, or is it despite that? a pretty nice desplay of what can be done with skill, creativity and a bit of sweat equity. The animation is quite clever and created using only the tool set available via Google Docs.

Don’t let AIDS gain more ground. Creative ad: human ball

Don’t let AIDS gain more ground. Everyone must have access to treatment.

Stop Lights? We don’t need no stinkin’ stop lights!!

Traffic flows better without traffic lights. Sometimes the inherited truth is actually wrong. And if you want to make cuts, rather than cutting back on services people use and need, maybe ending certain ingrained big brother enforcement might work better (start with traffic lights, but why not the Drug War? War in Afghanistan?)

HTML5 + CSS3 + Firefox 4 = very cool slide show example of new tech

Put magic in a bottle, digitize it and turn it into a webpage and you have these new capabilities. DZ Slides

Salman Khan on the Khan Academy

Old news for many, but a really great source for education via YouTube videos: Khan Academy Sal gives a presentation on the Khan Academy, how it started and what sets it apart and challenges the notion that free is somehow by definition less valuable than very expensive, and that live is always and necessarily better […]