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Street trials pro Danny MacAskill displays amazing skills

This seems impossible to me, even after watching it. Street trials pro Danny MacAskill seems to be a unity of one with his bike, doing moves and stunts that would be amazing even if he had been born a hybrid wheeled life form. Knowing he is bouncing around like a flea, with the accuracy of […]

Making animation using Google Docs… wow!

Part of the big G’s new advertising campaign and because of that, or is it despite that? a pretty nice desplay of what can be done with skill, creativity and a bit of sweat equity. The animation is quite clever and created using only the tool set available via Google Docs.

Writers are eclectic – Robert McKee

Generally, great writers are eclectic. Each tightly focuses his oeuvre on one idea, a single subject that ignites his passion, a subject he pursues with beautiful variation through a lifetime of work. Hemingway, for example, was fascinated with the question of how to face death. After he witnessed the suicide of his father, it became […]

Amend the Constitution – Corporations are not human in the same way as my neighbor Bob

Interesting movement –

cerebral cortex by Ray Kurzweil

There is one brain organ that is optimized for understanding and articulating logical processes, and that is the outer layer of the brain, called the cerebral cortex. Unlike the rest of the brain, this relatively recent evolutionary development is rather flat, only about 0.32 cm (0.12 in) thick, and includes a mere 6 million neurons. […]