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If God had intended for us to be naked…

“If God had intended for us to be naked, we’d have been born that way”. ~ Mark Twain Quote was referenced in the comments to article in KOMO News website about frequent flyer John E. Brennan stripping down to his birthday suit in protest of Portland Airport TSA harassing screening procedures.

Chopin Funeral March

Over one million people like this video on You Tube. The link that lead me there: “I am just listening to Frédéric Chopins “Funeral March”, played by Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli. Chopin had the unique talent to combine the most melancholic melodies with some of the most beautiful sounds. His “marche funèbre” is a very good […]

AI is on it’s way and the Military will be using it first?

Robotics coming to warfare is a mostly obvious topic from following the increased use of unmanned drones in “Targeted Killings” and surveillance, along with the ability to defuse a bomb remotely through the use of robotics etc. etc. – the presence and dexterity of real life robotics in use in war and industry is evident. […]

Mind distorts paired faces if cycled quickly